Blade can be crafted according to customer´s wish with fuller, two fullers, three fullers, rhombus shaped, sharp, blunt, polished or any other design. Not all types of swords can be crafted in these designs. For more detailed information, please contact me.

Standart with spine

Standart with full

Light-weight with spine

Light-weight with fuller

H - cross-section with spine

H - cross-section with fuller

Extra light-weight with spine

Extra light-weight with fuller

Sharp with spine

Sharp with fuller

Double fuller

Triple fuller

Important notice:
Because all blades are hand made, it is necessary to know, that blade can BREAK. All blades go through a dynamic tests before completion, which should reveal all material flaws, however not all. All swords break in time - it is so due to material fatigue and usage

Heavier blade with 3mm wide edge designed for battle swordfighting. Sword can endure even less delicate handling, wrong parries, suitable for begginer swordfighters or for power swordfighting
Weight of one hand sword is 1,6-1,7 kg , length of blade 76-80cm, grip 12-13 cm, center 4,5-6 cm. Weight of one and half hand sword 1,75-1,95kg, length of blade 90cm, grip 21cm, center 4,5-6cm.
During first 20 hours of fighting, it is required to fight with the sword carefully, not to use hard power hacks, to prevent notches on blade edge. This will create layer of cold forged edge, that will no longer create notches. Remove small fragments from blade if necessary.

Blade with 3mm wide edge, lighted by grinding, suitable for more skilled swordfighter, better to parry power attacks by release techniques. More suitable for technique based swordfighters than hard power fighting.
Weight of one hand sword 1,35-1,5kg.
Weight of one and half hand sword 1,5-1,75kg, according to design and agreement.
Dimensions and center are same as battle version.

Blade with 5 mm wide edge and very broad and thin fuller, suitable for practicing relatively safe real swordfighting. Only for swordfighters familiar with release parry, not suitable for power parry techniques.
Weight of one hand sword 1,150-1,2kg, length 95cm ,blade 75 cm, center 4,5-6 cm.
Weight of one and half hand sword 1,38-1,45 kg, length of blade 90cm, rip 21cm , center 4,5-6 cm

Blade with 2,5 mm wide edge, overall grinded into fullers, weight equals to sharp sword. Weapon is very subtle and thus sensitive to handling. Designed only for very skillful swordfighters, who know, what´s going on.
Weight of one hand sword from 1,08kg, center 6-7,5 cm, length 100cm, blade 80cm .
Weight of one and half hand sword from 1,25kg, center 6-7,5cm, length 119 cm, blade 90cm.

132: Children´s Sword, 13th-14th century
Price: 150 EUR
133: Children´s Sword, 14th-15th century
Price: 163.33333333333 EUR
134: Children´s Sword, 14th-15th century
Price: 170 EUR
135: Children´s Sword, 13th-15th century
Price: 160 EUR