Blacksmith exhibition - display of craft

Receptions, celebrations, teambuildings:
Demonstration of original blacksmith technology, which helps to understand the basic principles of technological progress of society since Iron Age till present.

For schools:
This production not only shows the progress of iron and practical displays of technology, but also allows the children to craft their own "pendant", which they can keep as reminder of gained experience.

Up to four bigger children (approx 9 years) can participating in blacksmithing on one anvil. They work alone after short training, with help and supervision. Second position can be occupied by 2 children (from 2,5 years of age) while helping and supervising them full time or again 4 older children. After finishing the product, other participants can join in (capacity is up to 20 and more children per hour, based on their dexterity).

Demostration is done on classic windbag manual forge and two anvils. Open space is required due to open fire.

Brass programme is suitable for indoor activity, where there is possible to hammered trinkets from brass wire.